The summer has started out fantastically busy with lots of great gigs and awesome people! Kicked off July at the beautiful Waterford Old Town Hall Summer Lawn Concert! Huge thank you to Michael Hogg for including me in the line-up! It was a beautiful evening to enjoy some local music.


Then off to Toronto July 3rd at Mel Lastman Square. Scorching hot lunch time gig. 

Next up was Brantford Alexandria Park where I had the privilege of meeting Steve Wey from Euphonious Radio where we made a plan to get together to do a spotlight on my music! Can't wait!

Upcoming Events

Jun 24
Crepe House
Port Dover, Ontario
Jul 5
Brantofrd International Villages
Brantford, Ontario
Jul 14
Cambridge City Hall
Cambridge, Ontario
Jul 22
Busy Day!
Jul 29
St. Marie Among the Hurons

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